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Solarfields offers a wide variety of solutions

We develop solar projects from start till finish. This means that Solarfields will take care of all the necessary activities to successfully develop a (large) solar project. Additionally we offer these services to third parties. When you require financial support for your permitted project or you are in need of an asset manager for your solar park. Solarfields is ready to support you!



Solarfields develops solar projects on land, rooftops, former landfill sites and parking places. The distance to and availability of the grid are important factors in determining the suitability of a location. If a location is appropriate we will make a design in that generates as much energy as possible while considering the environment.



We take care of financing your solar park. Solarfields has significant experience in financing solar projects and has excellent contacts with prestigious financial institutions in the Netherlands and abroad. We can also take care of your subsidy application (SDE++).

Solarfields and ib vogt installed the solar park on our former rubbish dump after winning the tender. We are very satisfied with the result.


Esther Terpstra




Your solar park built by us? Solarfields has cooperates with our experienced partner ib vogt whom has developed dozens of solar parks worldwide, including several in the Netherlands. We, as a responsible and engaged project manager, will take care of the entire procurement and construction, so your park becomes fully operational after a short construction period.


Asset Management

We take care of the management of your solar park. As soon as the solar park becomes operational, our asset managers take care of the required maintenance. Solarfields will contract local partners for completing maintenance operations. In addition we will closely monitor whether your park is functioning properly and intervene if and when required. We guarantee you an optimally performing solar park.



Renewable energy sources, such as the sun, do not always supply a steady amount of energy. This might result in surpluses or shortages. That’s why we realize balancing solutions such as cable pooling and energy storage, to enable a more constant renewable energy supply.



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